Who are FansBet?

Founded in 2017, FansBet is a fan led betting operator whose mission is to give back to the charities & causes that matter most to fans.

New players who come to fansbet.com/givingback are given the opportunity to select a charity or cause. Opening a new account through the relevant ‘Sign Up & Support’ link will mean your betting activity will start contributing towards your chosen charity or cause.

At the end of each quarter, FansBet will give back a percentage of our profits to the relevant charity or cause. This payment will be made within 20 days at the end of each quarter.

FansBet always strives to work with the worthiest charities & causes that matter to fans across all territories where we have players.

No. Once we have your permission to use your brand assets, accepted the T&Cs and consent to receive funds then we do everything for you.

If you are happy to receive marketing communication from ourselves then we will also look to keep you updated with a frequent newsletter. However, we don’t wish for any charity to actively promote betting to their audience.

Yes. We wish to actively work with fan causes to bring attention to their work and help generate more revenues for them on a quarterly basis.

We will provide marketing material and work closely with the fan cause to amplify the cause through social media, press releases and other marketing channels.

These will be visible on the FansBet website and givingback.fansbet.com. We may use your assets across social media, our blog and other marketing channels to showcase our partnership and commitment to giving back.

There is no cost to you to join as a partner or any financial risk.

All charities, fan causes and customer activity is tracked using a third-party tracking system. This system updates daily and records all relevant information which is fully transparent. Any Charity or Cause that we work with will be given access to the system and can be fully audited upon request.

Q1) January to March activity (Payment April 20th)

Q2) April to June activity (Payment July 20th)

Q3) July to September activity (Payment October 20th)

Q4) October to December activity (Payment January 20th)

We require your bank details to process any payments and these are requested during registration phase and held securely within our third-party system.

For full transparency we request that you share across applicable social and media channels details of donations received within 30 days of payment.

We categorise the two as follows. A charity needs to be legally registered and allocated a charity number. A fan cause is a supporter or club initiative where revenue is contributed towards this cause. For example, a new stadium build, a safe standing project, or a local supporter initiative. Any fan cause requires pre-approval from FansBet before being accepted onto the Giving Back FansBet program.

So are we. Our wish is to give fans who like to bet on any sport the option to choose FansBet where they can play as they would normally, but be safe that in doing so they have the opportunity to generate funds for charities and fan causes. Our commitment to enjoying gaming will go above and beyond what is required of us, and we will always have the wellbeing of our players as a top priority.