This is our story. Established in 2017 by fans for fans. We believe in community, one which is inherently local, personal and fair. Our goal is to strengthen community bonds through a unique giving back scheme which empowers local organisations and charities with funding to make the changes they know will make a difference to their community.

There is a very close relationship between betting and sports. We feel it’s only right that our players can have an opportunity to give back in a more direct way, by being able to choose the charity or cause that matters most to them. We are currently already working with several important charities and causes who are committed to making a difference in their community. Our aim is to identify and work with more such worthy beneficiaries. The money we give back is from FansBet revenues and we do so knowing it can help make a difference in the community.

On our journey we have partnered with inspirational and heart-warming causes that continue to make a selfless difference. We have so far contributed over £370,000 to good causes and have no intention of stopping there!

“FansBet is about the supporters and giving fans the opportunity to put something back into the community and no one is trying to do that, especially not on the level that they are.”

Sir Kenny Dalglish MBE

We strive to make sure that the money goes back directly to the Charity or Cause, encouraging the charities and causes to spend the money in areas that can impact the most, may that be charities or causes associated with a certain sport or club or a type of grassroots initiative, as well as working with renowned charities/causes that aren’t necessarily sports related but who will resonate with people.

We challenge the old order, bringing in a new era of collective discussions, collaboration and creativeness putting the community first. In recent times we reflect more than ever that, together we can achieve more, and we challenge you to help make a difference to your community.